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How I managed to gain 1.5 inches in just a week!

Published on August 20,2019 | Written by : William from Boston

Hello everyone. Sorry that I didn't post anything for a while. I had a good reason for that... Today I want to tell you my little story about penis enlargement method that helped me to gain 1.5 inches in just 1 week! .

Just one thing first! I want to tell you that this method is completely harmless for health, so your penis will be safe. Just do not laugh before you read everything please and you might find that I have a point here ;).

Actually I never thought that I would need anything like this but my life experience proved that I was totally wrong...


Here is the story

I got a date with a girl, really cute and not too dumb, I met her using an app on my phone. Nice girl, funny, manager in a perfumery store in a big mall. A tall blonde with class, not bad at all.

Everything was like in a romantic movies: dates, dinners and small presents and flowers for her. Each time we were getting closer and closer and I expected to get laid soon.

One of these evenings together began really perfectly. My girlfriend dragged me into the bedroom and went to the bathroom for a couple of minutes. I realized what was about to happen and quickly undressed. My body was really shaking with anticipation. After she got back and we got down on the bed she started to caress and arouse me.

She was about to blow me when, once my pants were down, she started to laugh .

- "I have never seen such a tiny one ! Are you sure you're fully hard now?" she said still laughing......

I felt terribly humiliated. Yeah I was really hard. So at my ex gf was at least pretending that she was ok with it. I took my stuff and I ran away.

The evening was hopelessly ruined. I was thinking about only one thing - that no one would find out about my fail. It was like a trigger for me I was thinking it must never again happen to me so I had to do something and solve my problem.


I had to find a way to make my penis bigger

I spent a few hours on various forums check info on various penis enlargement methods: extenders, penis pumps, patches, creams and the like. But I did not really believe in all this stuff. On the other hand penis surgery was very dangerous and expensive solution so this was an option either. When it was just about the time to go to bed, I visited the last website where I saw intriguing advertisement of these enlargement pills. I thought that I have to do at least something before I go to sleep so I ordered this cream. Nothing to lose anyway because they offered free trial for this product - basically that is why I decided to give it a try.

A few days later I got the package with the pills . I had to pay only small amount for shipment so basically it was totally free for me. Of course I wasn't too excited about it but anyway I was hoping for at least some result. After checking instruction I took two pills before going to bed without being too optimistic about it.

Rock Hard

Yeah it was that simple: You have to take 2 pills per day. That's it. It's a 1 minutes task every day. So simple !

As I understand these pills act on the spongy cavities in the penis, by making them larger. The cavities thus have an increased capacity to fill with blood making it really bigger. Next morning I already noticed some immediate result when I saw my morning wood. The penis looked a bit thicker or was it just my imagination?

And you know the result: 1.5 inches in a week

I followed these recommendations for several days and after about a week I decided to just measure my penis and see if I managed to achieve something. I was hoping to get at least something, like 0.5 inch or even less. However when I used the ruler to see the result or was literally shocked! My penis became bigger for 1.5 inches for just a one week!

I almost jumped with joy ... I did not expect such a quick results, it was just impossible in my opinion! So after getting much bigger dick I was really overexcited for a few first days!

After getting such a great result, I was ready for another try. I called that girl again an after chatting for a while she finally agreed to date one more time, "just as friends". Last Saturday we went to a nice club, Latino music, some dancing ... It was hot. Suddenly she touched my crotch and stopped dancing immediately. She looked at me in disbelief and asked:

- "Are you kidding me ? What's this all about ? Did you put a banana in your pants ?"

I laughed and put her hands on my crotch, she was shocked . She understood that I was not the same man, and started to be so nice with me.... She really wanted to see what was in my pants now and agreed to come to my apartments once again.

So it was the same room again, she came out of the bathroom again. But this time there was no laughing at all Moreover she was truly shocked. After all, my penis became 2 inches longer and gained 0.5 inches in girth. It was impossible not to notice that change!

Regarding potency it was like I took a pack of Viagra! Sex turned out great ... and we repeated it for another 3 times! We both were shocked! ;)


I wasn't simply satisfied with this result I was really happy and after my trial package finished I ordered more to get even better result and I never regret about my decision. I wonder why they even offer this free trial - they could just sell these pills for a much higher price because it is totally worth these monies.

So don't waste your time and hurry up to get your free pack right now before they still have some in stock.


Oh yeah, I understand your anger. Finally, she helped you, without her you would never have discovered these capsules! There's a discount so I bought two boxes!
4 minutes ago | Comment
Great testomny dude thx
6 minutes ago | Comment
It's funny, my brother told me the other day that it took some 3 weeks ago and was very happy with the result.
7 minutes ago | Comment
It's awesome ! Ill order some for my bf
Il ya 9 minutes | Comment
I take this maleperf since 2 weeks and I can guarantee that the effect is impressive. It's crazy how fast it works!
1 minutes ago | Comment
Hello, I ordered a pack for my boyfriend and I cannot wait to receive it !!
2 minutes ago | Comment
I also want to give my testimony. All is true!
5 minutes ago | Comment
9 minutes ago | Comment
Thank you for the tip. I got a free pack for my boyfriend. Lol it's a miracle. His erections are huge and super long lasting ...
1 minutes ago | Comment
lol the girl who discovers she lost the perfect "friends with benefits". dude continues like this I love your blog
2 minutes ago | Comment
I ordered a box and I assure you it is fully functional. I had some problems in bed but Everything is fine now! Thank you!
5 minutes ago | Comment
I have heard about these pills too. It works and it is quite cheap even without the first trial pack.
4 minutes ago | Comment
My girlfriend loves ... She asked me what was happening, she thought it was her dildo!
9 minutes ago | Comment
How much does it cost for a secon dpack after the free one?
9 minutes ago | Comment
I ve heard of these pills ... My husband used them for a while ... he fucks me deeply now, I love being his bitch ;)
0 minutes ago | Comment
These pills are great. They work instantly. It's just perfect.
1 minutes ago | Comment
That's interesting.
1 hour ago | Comment
Maybe I should order some for my husband. I've heard about it, but after all these positive feedbacks, I think I'll buy now ... CANT WAIT ;)
2 hours ago | Comment

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